Tips To Reduce your Blog’s Bounce rate.

To have a successful blog, one must spend lots of time in getting quality traffic. The success of a Blog directly measure to the number of readers. Keep reading to find out how bounce rate affects the blog’s traffic and what blog owners should do to reduce the bounce rate.

blog bounce rate

blog bounce rate

What is a Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is a factor where a user lands in your page and leaves immediately. There are various reasons causing users to bounce, so we need to fix the problems to reduce bounce rate and increase stickiness in blog.

What Causes People to Bounce and How to Avoid It?

  • The main reason for users to leave the blog is because they stumbled in thinking it was something else. So, make sure you market only relevant keywords. Similarly, when you have picked your niche to write about then stick to it. Do not wander between topics because the person typing in a keyword will expect information only related to the keyword, when he finds something else then most probably he will leave.
  • The other important reason is the lack of informative content. If your blog has content that is available everywhere, then the users are not interested. Create unique information with your suggestion and opinion. If you have a recipe blog, then try new dishes and write the recipes for it. Common recipes available everywhere in the internet will not kindle interest when a new user visits your blog. Create catchy titles to attract users and try to keep your blogs short and sweet.
  • The page load is another important factor for bounce rate to increase. If your page takes forever to load, then users tend to leave the page. We are living a fast track life where people are looking for information within seconds. So when uploading images, reduce the size so it is easier to load. Similarly when you want to display videos, is it better to upload it in YouTube and then embed it in your blog. These are small tips and tricks to reduce the page load time drastically.

  • Create or choose a good template for your blog. It should be pleasing for the eyes, so avoid contrasting and bright colors. Not many people like to read content in bright colors. Similarly, the font style and size should be readable. The site navigation should be found for all the blogs as it the only way for the users to easily scan your previous work. When you have catchy titles and a lot of relevant work then users will definitely take time to read your other blogs. This will help you in getting regular readers and also drastically reduce your blog’s bounce rate.
  • Do not cramp your blogs with too many advertisements as they create a bad impression amongst the users. No one likes websites with pop ups and advertisements any more. People are looking for legitimate website which provides useful content. So, if you are a marketer then write posts to market your products rather than cramping your blogs with ad banners.

These are very easy tips and once implemented in your blog, it will reduce your bounce rate easily. Keeps your blogs updated regularly by keeping these small pointers in head to have a successful visitor base.

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