A guide on using squidoo to make money

Squidoo is a web 2.0 property that you can use to create unlimited amount of affiliate commission on autopilot. You can easily rank your lens in the search engine and you don’t need to apply some complicated SEO methods in the process. If you can use this free tool in your affiliate marketing campaign, you will be able to generate automatic affiliate commission that will keep bringing you money for years to come. Here are 5 tips to use Squidoo to generate automatic affiliate commission:

1. Play with lesser known affiliate network

You can effectively use Squidoo to effectively promote products from lesser known affiliate networks. It means that you should not use Clickbank for this purpose. Clickbank is way too much saturated and there will be too many competitions for you. Therefore, it is good for you if you focus on promoting products on affiliate networks like Plimus or RAPBank. It will give you lesser competition, and your lens will rank high on the search result quite easily.



2. Create several interconnected lens for each affiliate product you promote

Remember that you should find a good affiliate product to promote in less competitive affiliate networks. Create several lens related to the product you promote. Before creating each of your lenses, you should do a necessary keyword research to find low competition keywords for your lens. For starter, three lenses are enough to promote one affiliate product. However, you should make sure that the keywords you choose are good. Next, create link to other lens in each lens that you create. These lens will serve as your presell for your readers.

3. Create one review lens about the product you promote

This is the actual sales funnel for your affiliate campaign. Make sure to create one good review lens about the product you create. Write your own opinion about the product and make sure that you are writing your review as if you are writing to your friends. The other presell lens (take a look at tips #2) must link to this review lens. The key to write a successful review is to write an honest review about the product and include your opinion about the product you promote.

4. Cloak your affiliate link

Make sure to cloak your affiliate link to avoid suspicious thinking from your readers. Most of your readers will know that you send them to affiliate link and they will become reluctant to click on your link. Therefore, make sure to cloak your link before posting it to your review lens. It is better if you have a website page that will redirect to your affiliate link.


5.  Repeat the process regularly

If you want to create automatic income from your affiliate promotion, you will need to create many Squidoo lens like this. You can leverage the process and even outsource the process. Actually, creating these lenses is very simple to do.

Use Squidoo in the most effective way and you will be able to make good amount of money with it. Those tips can be used for your affiliate marketing campaign without too much effort. Follow those tips to create whatever amount of income generating lens for your Squidoo account.


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