Websites need inbound links to rank in the search engines, which is a well-known fact. One way links are better than reciprocal links and one-way links from relevant, topic-related websites are even better. But getting these links can be difficult and sometimes you just have to be creative and slip in some one-way backlinks where you can.

Forum Links

This is a technique for obtaining a one-way link from a forum. It is not entirely above board, but it is hard to spot for webmasters and admin, so unlikely to be noticed. Most forums have “do follow” links and let you have one link in your profile but that has to be a simple URL link. What if you want separate links to different sites, or links that have some keyword relevance? In that case you are in trouble, many forums will not allow links in a signature, unless you have a set amount of posts under your belt, and nearly all do not allow links in actual posts.

Or so they thought…

Here is a technique that will allow you to post a hidden link in every post without it being noticed.

The Smiley is Your Friend

  • First thing to do is find some relevant forums for your website or niche. A quick Google search for “Your Keyword forum” will do the trick.
  • Register with a forum and find a topic to post in. Post a reply and add a Smiley either in the text or at the end of the text (nearly all forums use Smileys).
  • Highlight the Smiley and click the hyperlink button at the top, or side, of the text box (it will look like a chain link). Add your URL link here. You have just added a link inside a post!
  • Advanced: If the text box has the option to switch to a HTML mode, do this and locate the HTML code for the Smiley ( this will be an <img src=”” />) tag. Now add an ALT attribute to this tag and include your preferred keyword (one that you would normally use in the anchor text of a regular link).  It should look like this: <img src=”” alt=”Your keyword here” />.

Why go to the trouble of adding an ALT attribute as well? Search engines do not see images, they see text. When they read this added ALT attribute and find your keyword they will associate this with your URL link. ALT attributes can have the same effect as using anchor text in a normal link. It helps with relevancy.

Smiley Hides it Well

Most admin will look for textual links in posts, or check for embedded images. Both these would be removed. No one would think of checking a Smiley as the source of an illicit link. You can even add a Smiley into your profile and add whatever link you want without having to stick to the tight forum regulations. By using this Smiley technique, you can have topic-related, keyword relevant one-way links back to your site in high-PageRank forums that usually restrict linking.

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