Search engine optimization is one of your most valuable tools in marketing. Whether you’re selling a product like an iphone or a service such as accounting, SEO will deliver the traffic you need to be successful.

One way to increase traffic to your photography website is with images. People may not have the time to read a page but they’ll always pay attention to an image! You can make it easy for them to find your images by adding a few incentives for the spiders to carry back to their search engines. For example, you might think that <img src=”/images/88a/1234.jpg” alt=”image”> would be a good way to tag your image. But that doesn’t give the search spiders much to work on, does it? If someone is looking for the image of a Boston Terrier they won’t find your image even if it actually is of a Boston Terrier, not with tagging like that!

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The correct way to tag your image would be <img src= alt=”My Dog Rocks” width=”300” height=”300”/>  This type of tagging tells the spiders exactly what your picture is, how large it is and what the subject is. Someone looking for a Boston Terrier will probably see your image in the first page of results!

Blogging is also a great way to publicize your business. It brings a personal touch to your business and can be used to entertain and engage as well as inform and advertise. You can even earn some money with it by using adsense in an appropriate manner, targeting your unique internet audience. You can use the blog to publish articles on subjects your target market would be interested in. Let’s say that you breed Boston Terriers and are looking for responsible people to buy the puppies. Your blog could contain articles about training, humorous stories of your own experiences, information on the history of the breed, etc.
Images are an important tool in publicizing your blog and/or your website. Publishing image pages with correct tagging on sites like Flickr or Picaso will pull in more traffic that you would think if you choose and tag those images carefully. If possible, write descriptive captions for the spiders to pick up and your chances of being on the first page of results will get even better.

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