Google has brought into effect several algorithmic changes in the recent past. These changes have dramatically affected websites’ page rank listings and have reiterated the fact that users will adore sites that have good and interesting content as well as links to other authority websites.



Earlier on, only the quantity of links to a site affected the search page rankings. Now that the search engines employ very different strategies, the quality of the links has assumed more importance. It is, therefore, important in this context that a proper strategy is adopted to have quality links back to your site.

What are quality links? When your page is connected to websites of authority and those having a high degree of popularity, you are connected to superior links. These websites are usually trusted by the search engines. Some world-famous sites can be regarded as trusted sites. A link from these sites to your page would greatly improve its popularity. Reuters or CNN can be thought of to be quality sites.

You can also do your own research as to which website is worth linking to. Checking the Alexa rating of a website is a good idea. Yet another factor that decides the quality of a link is the relevancy of the site. Sites that belong to the same niche as yours or those that contain matter that is relevant to yours can be worthy as links. Simply linking to any site does not serve to improve your search page ranking in any manner whatsoever.

Content of a website is one of the most important factors that decides its rank. Building content is an on-page SEO strategy, and is fully under the control of the person creating the website. Good quality content does more than just keep interested visitors coming back to your site. It helps you to promote your website.

If your page has good content, other websites may link to your page and this will generate even more traffic. Once your website is popular among visitors, chances are greater that it will survive for more time and find a higher place higher up in search engine rankings.

Good quality content is easy if you have good knowledge about your niche. It will definitely be in your best interests if you can write content yourself. If you do not have the time and convenience to write content you can get someone else to do the work for you for a price. Recently, many sites are getting the visitors to write/contribute content for the sites. Well-written articles can be distributed across article directories that have back links pointing to your page.

On the mention of the word ‘content’, what comes to the mind is text. However, great content is all about the user getting to see and use the medium he/she desires. Users sometimes want more than just words to give them an idea of what they want to see/experience in the page. It could be even a series of pictures that spur the interest of the user.

Even if you have well-crafted content in your page, it is difficult to get visitors to come back to your site again and again unless the page sports new details, new pictures, new styles, in short, new content. It does not pay to keep on maintaining old and boring content.

Search engines are now ignoring META tags for keywords and instead are reading the entire web page to generate ratings. If you have more pages of content, you have a greater chance of finding a place in the search result.

Thus, it is seen that manipulative tricks no longer work to bring a page to the top of the search engine listings. Intelligent and up-to-date content, together with high-quality links, on the other hand serve to increase a site’s popularity with both search engines and the users.

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