Important facts about keywords

Keywords and phrases form a good part of search engine optimization. A typical keyword is one that your prospective visitor could type in the search engine to find your website. Some knowledge about keyword will help you optimize your website for search engines.

Choosing keywords

While choosing keywords for your website, the main things you should consider are the keyword popularity and the keyword competitiveness. Some keywords are more competitive than others. It will require a lot of time and energy to make your website rank for a highly competitive keyword. So it is always wise to target less popular keywords and phrases for a successful search engine optimization. Choose keywords that are relevant to your products and services. A web page can have three to five main keywords. While using key phrases, it is common to choose your product or service along with your location so that people can find your site with ease. See to that your key phrase does not exceed four words because longer phrases are seldom used in internet searches.

Keyword research

A keyword research is nothing but analyzing the effectiveness of keywords. This were you will find out what keywords could get your website to the top of search engines. This can be done with the help of keyword tools or through brainstorming. There are online keyword research tools like the wordtracker and the worddiscovery that help you to find apt keywords as currently used by the visitors. These tools also provide information about the keyword popularity, competitiveness, and future predictions. This will best work for websites selling products and services.

For websites that provide information or use ads as their source for revenue, brainstorming works better. Brainstorming is to think like a user and find out what words a person might use to find the required information in the internet. Keywords in log files are one other source to obtain good keywords. There are also online tools like SEO Elite that can tell you what keywords bring in traffic to your competitors. As you find new keywords, you can develop new pages revolving around the keywords and generate more targeted traffic.


Keyword density

Although keywords are very important the web page cannot be stuffed with keywords it has to be readable. [ad]Keyword stuffing will be viewed seriously by the search engines. The usually accepted keyword density is between 5 to 15 percent.  If your web page is stuffed with keywords it may be considered as spam by the search engines. However, you can use ancillary keywords to make your site rank high. There are also content composing tools that can provide you the exact keyword density in an article.

Onpage optimization with keywords

Keywords play an important role in the onpage search engine optimization. After a thorough research in keywords and careful consideration of keyword prominence, keyword density, keyword frequency, you can include keywords to the domain name, website name, titles, headings, meta tags, alt image tags, and urls in order to rank high in search engines.

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