Many people are wonderingen in these economical bad times, will we still be able to earn money via the internet in 2009?

My answer to this? ‘YES’!!!

Why? Simple… Companies have to take very good care whereto they will  allow their money to flow to. This means cutting costs, finding cheaper ways to achieve the same or even more. But, they still will need there customer. They still need to sell their products. The more the better even, which is a basic law in economics 🙂

What is a much cheaper way to reach a broad audience, then say, television or billboard advertisements? Indeed, the internet.

Combine this with the massive expansion that the internet has gone through, and will go through again with its mobile version, you can see that Internet Marketing, and earning through internet are not dead yet. Far from even…

Then what will happen in 2009? What should we do to keep earning money in these hard and changing times (Change? Yes!!!)

Small is bigger!

In 2009, you will need to to work more towards niches. Build your website or blog around a specific niche. Don’t go to broad. Broad means lotsa competition, and lots of competitors who have more and better people than you do, and who have more money to support them. Go small, go niche. Find yourself a niche, Cagiva motorcycle friends in Alaska, iceskating clubs in South-Africa, stuff like that, and sepcialize in it. Specialisation is needed in alot of businesses to get through the financial crisis, but it is more then ever needed for internet businesses.


2009 will be the year of the mobile expansion. With the iPhone 3G, and Google Android, and on the other hand Windows Mobile devices and Nokia that are getting more and more market penetration, the mobile internet will be here to stay.

If you do not make your websites mobile compatible, you will be losing a lot of possible marketshare in 2009.

Other ways to jump the bandwagon: start writing iPhone apps, or webpages specifically aimed at mobile browsers.

Social Networking

Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Digg and the likes are already a must if you want to earn via the internet and internet marketing in general, but they will become even more important. More and more people are seeing the benefits and the fun of these social websites. And with the boom of mobile internet, and the different gateways from mobile to these social networks, their impact can only increase massively.

Universal search 

You will have heard of Universal Search before most probably, and it is indeed coming. What is universal search exactly? Well, it means you will no longer be doing a search on textpages, or one on movies, or one on images, but your one search will give results in all media. Meaning, if you look for the keyword weddingphotography, you will get a list of results including weddingphotos, movies about weddingphotography, and the regular links to weddingphotography websites.

What does this mean to you? Well, it means you will need loads and loads more different media on your website to stay anywhere near the top in the searchresults.

2009 is the year in which you will have to work hard to get somewhere and stay there. It will be the year in which you will buy a smartphone if you haven’t already, and will check all your pages on it. It will be the year in which you will buy a videocamera, and earn back the cost with your website.

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