There it is, that long awaited iOS update, for weeks, or even months you’ve been waiting to try out all these new nifty features. And then it arrives! Finally, you upgrade, and there you are, the newest version of iOS on your iPhone. But… As soon as you want to go online, you discover that your internet connection is no longer working. Although you know for sure you paid your bills! Calling your mobile internet provider to see if there are hiccups on their network doesn’t bring any enlightenment. Their network seems to be fully operational. Then what on earth is keeping my iPhone from going online?!?

Well.. I can tell you: it your Mobile internet settings! With every update from iOS, your mobile internet settings are gone again, simply re-entering them will fix your internet connection. To change these settings, go to the settings menu, on the tab General -> Network -> Cellular data network.

Don’t forget, if you use MMS, and/or tethering, that these settings often need to be re-entered too!

Note: The screenshots below are not the correct ones, you need to find your own provider’s network settings to go online!



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