The Apple iPhone and iPad are very popular in today’s world of modern technology. They come in very handy for business men and women. Below are some great apps for these devices that can be used in public administration.

Google Calendar: (Click to download)

The Google calendar app is available for you to use in order to stay organized. With this app you are able to view all of your appointments, meetings, important dates, etc. You just download the app, log into your Google account, and you are able to see all of your calendar dates just like you would view on your computer. This is perfect for those of us that are on the go and need to know when and where we need to be.

iphone business

iphone business

iTalk Recorder: (Click to download)

Are you constantly taking important notes? Are you tired of trying to type it on a tiny touch screen keyboard and accidentally pressing the wrong letters? If so, this app is perfect for your iPhone.

iTalk Recorder is a note recording application, but instead of typing in your notes, you simply voice record them. You can also add to existing recordings and you can also email your recordings straight from the iTalk app.

Quickplan Project Management: (Click to download)

This iPhone app is perfect for people that are very busy and need to take their projects with them. The Quickplan project management app has several features that will fulfill your business needs.

Some of the several features that are included with this app are the ability to attach Google docs, use Gantt charts, time tracking, events, file attachment, Microsoft Project integration, WBS support and several more. These features make the Quickplan app perfect for project and business management on the go.

TimeTracker: (Click to download)

The TimeTracker app is perfect for billing clients and sending invoices. It allows you to keep all of your client’s billing information and billing rates at your fingertips. This app also keeps track of how many hours you worked on a specific project that you will be billing for.

This app is a great asset to have on your iPhone, whether you are a business owner, a public administration worker, or even a project manager. Download this app and put it use for all of your billing purposes.

SugarSync: (Click to download)

SugarSync is a great app to have when you aren’t near your computer and you need to gain access to a file or document on your computer. This app allows you to access everything you need from your computer, right there on your iPhone.

All you need to do is download the free SugarSync software on your desktop and then you have the ability to log in and access it from your phone. You can download this software on any number of desktop computers that you wish to.

This allows you anytime access to any of the backed up desktops and gives you the ability to view pictures, documents, and share Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel. It’s like having your desktop computer right there in your pocket.

These are just a select few out of all the helpful iPhone apps that can be used for public administration workers, as well as other business men and women. The apps above are great tools to have when you are trying to work or run a business on the go.

So, if you have a busy schedule and you need some helpful tools for running a business, take the suggestions above into account. You can be as productive as you would like from anywhere that you may be.

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