What is DFU Mode?

Recovery mode is the most used and well known method to restore an iPhone or iPad via iTunes. However, there is also a DFU mode, which is more powerful then the well known recovery method. The main difference between recovery mode and DFU mode is that the recovery mode uses the iPhone’s internal pre-loader, and the DFU mode doesn’t use that, but uses the pre-loader that is included in the IPSW (IPhone SoftWare) package. DFU mode makes it possible to restore an iPhone that has for instance “Error 01” (Unknown Error).

How do I get into DFU mode?

1. Open iTunes on your pc or mac, and connect your iPhone

2. Push the “home” button (the big round button underneath your screen) and the “power” button (the small button on the top right of your iPhone, the one you use to get your iPhone to sleep, or wake him up) at the same time and hold them.

3. After 10 seconds, release the “power” button, while still keeping the “home” button pressed.

black screen iPhone in DFU Mode

black screen iPhone in DFU Mode

4. Keep the “home” button pressed until iTunes comes up telling you it found an iPhone in recovery mode. The screen of your iPhone will remain black. If your iPhone screen doesn’t stay black, but shows the Apple logo instead, you’ve pressed the “power” button too long. Better luck next time. Try again.

Ok, got it, now how do I get OUT of DFU Mode again?

So, you read this article, thought: let’s try this out, and now you’re stuck in DFU Mode, right? Happened to me too the first time. Follow these simple steps to get out of DFU mode again:

1. Press and hold the “home” and “power” button together for 20 seconds. Turn on your iPhone again the way you always do.

Now, that was easy wasn’t it? 😉


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