The iPhone OS 3.0 update will be released to the public this summer (it is currently already available to iPhone developers).
You will be able to upgrade your iPhone 2G, 3G and iPod Touch to the iPhone OS 3.0 for free!

Some of the new features are:



Landscape mode possible for ALL apps

PUSH features for all apps

Turn-by-turn gps functionality for third party (meaning TomTom and such can sell GPS software for the iPhone) (* note: GPS will not work on iPhone 2G and iPod Touch of course)

Stereo Audio over bluetooth

Tethering (connecting you laptop to your iPhone and surfin on your

laptop, via the iPhones internet connection)

Sending emails from within appsLooking up music in the iPhone’s playlists from within apps


In other words, the update is huge 😉

Would you want to get a taste of the new iPhone OS 3.0?

[ad]You can, if you subscribe as an iPhone developer (here:, which will cost you 99$. But, for this price you get access to the beta software, the iPhone SDK’s, and it allows you to publish your own-written iPhone Apps to the AppStore. So, it even gives you the chance to earn back your money!

Once your account is approved, you will have access to the iPhone Developer pages. There you can download the new SDK for the 3.0 (make sure you select 3.0, 2.2 is selected by default). If you already had and older SDK installed, you do not need to download this, however, if you do not have the SDK yet, you first need to download and install the SDK.

Next, download the DMG for the iPhone 3.0 software, and open it.

Then open X-code (which is installed by the SDK), and open the organizer window (menu -> window -> organizer). Connect your iPhone to your Mac, and select it in the organiser. It will say something about the software version, select other, and browse to the DMG with the new software that you have just downloaded.

Press restore on that same screen, after you’ve made sure you’ve synchronised your iPhone to iTunes one last time (this will backup all your files and settings you currently have on your iPhone). You will get a warning saying that this will erase your iPhone. If you made a backup (synchronise), or if you just don’t care, go ahead and say ‘aye’ (yes).

Your iPhone will reboot after this, and will be upgraded to iPhone OS 3.0.

Right now, your iPhone will be brand new, and thus will need to be connected to iTunes again in order to activate it again. iTunes will ask you if you want to put back your last backup, or if you want to work with this iPhone as a new one. Select what you want here.

My Findings

I installed the iPhone OS 3.0 software last week on friday, so due to the Easter weekend, haven’t been able to test all of the new features yet. But, I am more than glad to share my findings so far with you!

1. Stereo audio over bluetooth

I own a Philips bluetooth headset. But, wasn’t able to use it yet with my iPhone. It does connect, and I can use it for calling, but music is still sent to the speakers.

2. landscape mode

Landscape mode is now also available for other apps, such as the mail app. This is a great feature, no doubt, as it allows for better reading of emails. However, since I am often reading my emails while driving the car, it constantly switches from landscape to normal when steering 🙂 I guess this is just a matter of getting used to 🙂

3. Cut/copy/past

Works like a charm. This is really a GREAT addition to the iPhone software. Not everything is copyable, you can’t copy a whole website, or even portions, but you can copy everything you can edit yourself, which is already a great plus, and very useable.

4. iPod

One of the things I noticed in the iPod part is that you can now select in the player to play podcasts on normal or double speed. Another great thing! Get data inside your brain, and get it there fast 😉 Besides this, there is also a button to rewind 30 seconds in the podcast. Another great feature!

That’s all for now, but I will continue testing and trying, and keep updating the blog! Please share us your experiences with the iPhone 3.0 OS, or ask any questions you like.

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