iPhone Undo/Redo

Undo your iPhone typing

iphone undo

iphone undo

It’s not a new feature, in fact, it was a hidden feature before, but it was officially shown in the iOS 3 announcement: the iPhone Undo/Redo feature! But… Did you know it was there? Did you remember?

iPhone redo

iPhone redo

Do you use it often? Or do you stick to selecting and deleting your typos, just because you didn’t think of undoing your typing? The intention of this post is NOT to bring you a groundbreaking new hidden feature, but just a small reminder 😉

To undo your typing… you simply need to shake your iPhone! Yup, that’s it! Shaking your iPhone after typing will bring up the “Undo” screen.

To redo your typing… you simply need to… shake your iPhone again! Yeah, incredible isn’t it? 😉

I realize this post won’t change the world, not even your life, but maybe it will change the way you undo on your iphone 😉


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