Have you seen it too? The message that pops up on your iPhone telling you that a “Baseband core dump is in progress”? It can pop up at just about any time, but it mostly happens on my iPhone 3G when I’m using some of the GPS apps I have (I use both Waze and CoPilot).

So, what is this “Baseband Core Dump” thing?
Well, what your iPhone is doing when it gives you the “Baseband Core Dump” message is actually writing a detailed report for Apple. In this report it is dumping its memorycontent, and the exact state of the kernel (the heart of your iPhone’s iOS operating system). This “Core Dump” is later being sent to Apple when you sync your iPhone with iTunes.

So, why does my iPhone does this “Baseband Core Dump” thing then?
Well, it mostly does so when it encountered an error, or an exception of some kind. It gathers all the information of the error, the running applications, and what else your device was doing, and sends this to Apple, so they can start working on preventing that error in the future.
Typically, these “Core Dumps” happen in Beta versions, and also in jailbroken devices. Although, sometimes, these dumps also happen in regular versions.

So, what do I need to do when my Core gets Dumped?

Nothing… Normally your iPhone won’t stop working or anything. Sometimes 3G and/or GPS goes down for a few seconds, but it should come up again fairly fast again. If it doesn’t, or if anything else fails, you can try a reboot of your iPhone. That’s it!
If your iPhone is coredumping waaaay too often, it may be time to consider up or downgrading your iOS version, or un-jailbreaking it. If it always happens when using the very same app, the app may be causing it, and it may be worthwile searching for another app that suits your needs.
Well, there is no real solution for this, but I do hope that this explanation was useful to you!



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