Stream it, share it across your iDevices, iTunes Match can do it!

With the release of iTunes 10.5.1 (november 14, 2011), comes the long awaited iTunes Match. At least, if you live in the United States that is. When the service will be released to the rest of the world is not yet known at this moment.

But what is iTunes Match?

Well, iTunes Match is a service by Apple that allows you to upload your entire music library (at least, if it is below 25000 songs (there’s ways around this, but more about that later)) into iCloud! And once your music is in iCloud, you can listen to it from any device that can connect to iCloud.

iTunes Match

iTunes Match

iTunes Match has some cool features too.

For instance, if you try to upload a song to iCloud, iTunes Match will first check if that particular song is already available in iCloud. If it is, it will add that song from iCloud itself, saving you the upload time. This means you only have to upload songs that have never been uploaded to iCloud before, by anyone.
Another great feature? All the music that you play via iTunes Match is 265Kbps AAC-quality, even if you upload a lower quality version, they upgrade it for you!
And best of all, unlike other streaming audio services, iTunes Match will always buffer the whole song you’re playing, not just a few seconds. This means: better quality (since it is not affected by the network connection), faster replay possible, and possibility to rewind of fast forward within a song.

More info about iTunes Match will follow!

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