(note: for Mac users, Ctrl can be replaced by the Command key (Apple sign))

1: Alt + D: Brings you straight to the address bar of your Firefox browser. This can come in VERY handy when you want to try out the next keyboard shortcut below ūüėČ

2: Ctrl-Enter: Auto complete the address in the address bar with .com
Shift-Enter: Auto complete the address with .net
Ctrl-Shift-Enter: Auto complete the address with .org
Lesson learned? Next time you want to come to http://www.icantinternet.org , you type icantinternet in the address bar, and use Ctr-Shift-Enter to autocomplete and come hither.
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Firefox shortcuts
3: Ctrl+T: Opens up a new tab in your browser, which is great, since you can check something out on a new tab, and you do not have to close https://beheydt.be in this tab!
Did you know that you can easily right-click on links, and select ‚Äėopen in new tab‚Äô to, well, open the link in a new tab? Very usefull to open pages that you want to read later on. Especially since your current tab
stays selected, and not the new tab.
Ctrl+Shift+T: Almost the same functionality as Ctrl-T (who would’ve thought???), BUT, one VERY handy extra! This shortcut opens the last closed tab again. Meaning, you were reading on https://beheydt.be,
and while checking your http://www.gmail.com on another tab, you accidently closed http://www.icantinternet.org, you can open it again easily, and continue reading as if nothing happened…
Another, but not as fast and easy, way to do this is via the menu History-> Recently closed tabs.

4: Alt+Enter: You do know the function of Enter while you are typing in the address bar right? For those who don’t, well, if you start typing, auto completion will look through the site you’ve already visited,
and will try to match (typing www.beh will make Firefox show all pages you’ve visited starting with www.beh) Then you can select from the list where you want to go to, and press Enter to go there.
Now, Alt+Enter will do the same, but will open this webpage in a new tab in your browser.

5: The Delete Key? Delete Internet??? No, not really, but perhaps it may seem like it for you ūüôā The delete key deletes entries from the auto completion. To use it, you just start typing, and select the one you
want. Then, instead of pressing enter, you press the delete key. And poof, that entry is gone with the bit-wind.

6: Ctrl+Tab: Ctrl-Tab is the Alt+Tab or Command+Tab from Windows or Mac OSX. But, instead of switching between the open programs, it switches between the open tabs.

7: Ctrl+[1,2….9]: An even shorter way to go from tab to tab, instead of going through the list of tabs using Ctrl+Tab, just use Ctrl+’nr of the tab’ to go there.

8: PageDown, PageUp, or Space, Shift+Space: These shortcuts allow scrolling of the page you’re viewing in your Firefox browser. If you’re not sure which combination does what, just give it a try…

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