Alt+Left Arrow: Takes you Back to the last page
Alt+Right Arrow: Takes you Forward to the next page
Escape (Esc): Stops the page from loading any further
F5 or Ctrl+F5 : Refresh the page (Ctrl+F5 reloads without using the cache! Always handy to test out some stuff)
Alt+Home: Go straight to your Homepage
Alt+D: Gives the focus to the Address Bar
Ctrl+Enter: Adds “www.” and “.com” to whatever you’ve put int he addressbar
Spacebar / Shift+Spacebar: Scroll down/up in the web page
Alt+F4: Closes the window, any window, this works throughout the whole of MS Windows.
You will still have to get up and go over to your wall to close your house’s windows though… (wouldn’t you wish there were keyboard shortcuts like that? 😉 )
Ctrl+D: Immediately add this site to your favorites. Really, it works great, don’t believe me? Try it out right NOW!, Press Ctrl+D 😉

Working with the Tabs:

Ctrl+Click: Opens a link in a new tab in the background, Ctrl+Shift+Click does the same, but in the foreground.
Ctrl+T: Opens you a new tab in the foreground
Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab: To switch between the different tabs, forward, or backwards
Ctrl+W: Closes the current tab (or the window if there are no more tabs)
Ctrl+n (n can be 1-8): Jumps you to the n’th tab
Ctrl+9: Takes you to the last tab, no mather the how many-ienth-‘n it is.
Ctrl+Alt+F4: Closes all other tabs


Ctrl+(+)/(-)/0: Zooms in (+) or out (-), with steps of 10%, or goes back to 100% view (0)
Ctrl+E: takes you to the toolbar Search Box, Alt+Enter opens the result in a new tab, and Ctrl+Down Arrow lets you choose the search engine in your toolbar search box.
Ctr+I: Opens your Favorites Center to the Favorites, Ctrl+H opens it with the History, and Ctrl-J opens it with your RSS Feeds.

Mouse Shortcuts:

Middle mouse button: Opens a link in a background tab
Middle mouse button on a tab: Close the tab
Double click on empty tab band space: Opens up a new tab for you
Ctrl+Mouse wheel Up/Down: Zooms the page in/out in steps of 10%

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