A few weeks ago I took the dive, and upgraded both my iMac and my 2010 MacBook Pro 15″ to Mac OS X Lion, 10.7. I was a little hesitant at first, since I need these  machines and most of the programs on it professionally, and people had been reporting incompatibility problems here and there. However, everything still worked great after the upgrade, and boy I like Mac OS X Lion so far 🙂

Mac osx 10.7 lion

Mac osx 10.7 lion

But, on my MacBook Pro, I have noticed something strange, and annoying. I have the screensaver option enabled in the system settings, and set it to fire after 5 minutes. But, since I’m often using my MacBook on location, and don’t always want passer-by’s to start looking and reading what’s on my screen while I’m not at my computer, I also have the lower left corner set up to enable the screensaver.

Now, when the screensaver is playing, either enabled manually via the interactive corner, or enabled automatically after 5 minutes, just pressing any key will stop the screensaver, and get you back to work again.

But, not always so when I start the screensaver manually via the interactive corner, and while the screensaver is on, the 5 minutes of inactivity go by. Because then it seems, Lion starts the screensaver again, and when you get back to your computer, it only stops the automatically started screensaver.

I’ve been spending quite some time checking out all possible keyboard combinations or trackpad moves to stop this second screensaver, but nothing worked. Until I gave up, and wanted to try a reboot, only to notice that just pressing the power-button stops the second screensaver too, and gets you back into your Mac.

Hope this helps if you ever experience the same problem one day.

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