We all know mobile is big – but these statistics highlight just how big!

We all know that mobile is growing in importance in digital marketing for businesses. Consumers have become accustomed to having the Internet in their pocket, to being able to shop wherever they are at whatever time of the day they choose. Here are some statistics that highlight just how massive mobile really is.

  • By 2014, the amount of mobile traffic on the web will overtake the amount of desktop and laptop traffic (Source: IAB)
  • Within ten years, mobile commerce will be worth more than $30 billion worldwide (Source: IMRG)
  • 75% of consumers use their mobile device at some point during the shopping process (Source: Verve)
  • 81% of smartphone users have made a purchase either online or in a physical store after initially seeking out information on their mobile device (Source: Verve)
  • Shockingly (and despite the figures above) only 17% of UK businesses actually have a website optimised for mobile users (Source: Mobile Marketing Association and Google)
  •  95% of US smartphone users use search engines from their mobile devices (Source: Ipsos and Google)
  • 96% of UK smartphone users also use search engines from their mobile devices (Source: Ipsos and Google)
  • 92% of US smartphone users use their devices to find local information (Source: Ipsos and Google)
  • From that pool of mobile using local information seekers, a massive 89% of them take action following information found on their mobile. ‘Actions’ refer to calling the business found, making a purchase from the business they found, looking for further information about the business or visiting its website or physical store location. (Source: Ipsos and Google)
  • 34% of US smartphone users, 30% of UK smartphone users and 40% of Japanese smartphone users have made an online purchase from their mobile device. This number is growing all the time. (Source: Ipsos and Google)


What these Numbers Actually Mean

What we can gather from the numbers above is:

  • Mobile is happening, whether we’re ready or not. And it’s happening quickly.
  • Mobile users still find answers, products and services the same way desktop users do – via search engines
  • Consumers are shopping online more and more and therefore, there is a growing opportunity for businesses to reach out to these users.
  • Smartphone users are using information found on their mobile device to make decisions about purchases, whether they actually make that final purchase online or in store.
  • Businesses aren’t taking full advantage. Surprisingly few businesses are mobile ready or have any type of mobile marketing strategy in place.

So it’s fair to say that if your business is one that hasn’t yet implemented a mobile strategy, you are already in danger of falling behind.  It’s time to get mobile.

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