1. Optimize your incoming links. Check out who is linking to you, which pages they link to, and what anchor text they use to link to you. Make sure that the text they are using is relevant for the page they are linking to. Links with ‘click here’ as anchortext are an absolute nono! If needed, send the other webmaster a polite email, asking him to change the anchortext.

2. Make sure that all incoming links point to the same type of URL. So, if you have others link to your pages using https://beheydt.be then make sure it is used by all linkers, not with the www or with index.html added. This is important as google does not add these incoming links, nut rather looks at them as pointing to different pages. Not what we want!

3. Keep a close look on your 404 pages. This will allow you to catch all incoming links that are pointing to non-existing pages, or with typos. if you found them, send a polite email to the webmaster, asking them to correct it. This means an extra incoming link, and a visitor who has found what he was looking for, and possibly will return.

4. Create a ‘link to us’ page, where you provide the code and the anchortext you would like other webmasters to use. Possibly even provide banner and gadgets, as this can increase the number of links even more.

5. Leave your URL everywhere you can, tell friends and family, put it in your emailsignature, write it on your car ( but do it large enough, to avoid accidents), put it on your shirt…
It will not bring you links immediately, but it will bring extra visitors, and some will link to your site, others will pass your URL on to others.

Try these 5 simple steps, and you will see your number of incoming links grow.
And yeah, I know, I’m working on the ‘link to us’ page. I wanted to upgrade wordpress first ;-).

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