sexy harddrive
I love my hard drive. It really is sexy. 250 Gigs of steamy hot passion all wrapped up in a shiny new case. When I start up my computer, I hear its dulcet tones and I get a rush of excitement emanating from the pit of my stomach. As it whirrs into action disseminating digital bits to the parts that nothing else can reach, the rush intensifies, it all becomes too much for me and I have to walk away, go calm myself down and light up a cigarette.

Yes, hard drives are sexy. You’d have to have the emotional capacity of a damp fish to not get turned on by that previous paragraph! Today the memory capacity of some of these filthy and fruity computer components is so big, that the term terabytes has begun to seep into the general vocabulary of computer geekdom. 1 terabyte for those not in the know is 1000 gigabytes and is a mind blowing amount of memory space. You could fit a whole library of well over 100 full length feature films on this or 400,000 songs. Are you getting worked up into a lather yet?

If not, let’s talk about solid state drives. Unlike traditional hard drives, these little babies have no moving parts and therefore consume far less power, meaning they don’t heat up nearly as much and are generally more durable and reliable as a result. As well as being totally silent, they also facilitate for much faster boot up and shut down times and have speedier load times for software applications. Today solid state drives have started to appear in laptops and other portable computer devices, but have been slow to catch on because of the price. However, they are slowly coming down in price and may one day render the traditional hard drive obsolete.

The speed with which a new technology supercedes an older one has been increasing at an exponential rate for the last century or so. It was only a few short years back that people were getting rid of their VCR’s and replacing them with DVD players. Now, they’re already old hat, being replaced by Blu Ray. The latest technology to come from the hard drive industry merges optical and magnetic science which could one day lead to a laser-hard drive which will have speeds thousands of times faster, and storage capacities unimaginable by today’s standards.  If you think you can imagine the types of technology computer components will be using just ten years from now, then you are kidding yourself. But one thing of which I am certain, whatever type of hard drive I may be using then, it will be sexy!

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