As you may or may not know: I am a photographer, and I make photographs. A lot of them. And many of those photographs go onto social media, others are for customers, or go onto Stock Agencies to be sold to who ever wants to buy them.

One of the social media I post my photographs to is Instagram. I like Instagram, for the social aspect. On the other hand, I like 500px better for the photographic aspect (I post on too btw). So in the light of my social media and photography work, I thought it might be a good idea to regularly share some of my best performing updates/photographs. And to start, I present to you, my best ever performing photograph on Instagram up until today (being the 12th of January, 2018). I hope you enjoy it as well as a lot of people already did, and if you didn’t yet follow me on Instagram: now is the time to start with that! 😉



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