The phrase, “No Thanks, I’ll Pass, is something that is not always a bad thing in the online business world.

“No thanks, I’ll pass” is a phrase that we have all heard during our careers more than a few times. More often than not this is the phrase that is used when a client does not want to pay the rates that we have set. However, many online professions find this to be a terrible thing and it puts their hopes down. However, this article will explain why you should stay motivated when a client tells you “No, thanks, I’ll pass”.

More Than Likely They Will Be Back

no thanks I'll pass

no thanks I’ll pass

During the year that I have been writing online I have noticed that many of the clients who say “No thanks, I’ll pass” return because they find out that the lowest rate is not always the best rate. Besides, think about if they contacted you in the first it must have been something about your work that they liked. However, the online work world would not be very competitive if clients did not explore other options to try their hand. However, it is up to you as to whether or not you will take them on as a client for the same rate once they return to you.

Keeps You Stress Free

Usually, when people are over booked with work they will quote higher prices than normal to try their hands. Sometimes the clients will agree while other times they will say “No thanks, I’ll pass”. When a client does tell you this and you are already booked it is kind of a reliever because you do not have to worry about how you will handle your already full work load and try to meet their deadlines as well.

Sticking To Your Morals

There are many clients in the world that are trying to take advantage of online workers. This is because they feel that when they use the magic phrase, “No thanks, I’ll pass” that you will quickly respond and offer a lower rate. However, instead of giving them this pleasure you should stick to your morals and you will feel better about it in the end. There is no need to take on low paying work and be stressed when you could take on better paying work and be stress free while sticking to your morals.

Overall, if you have not heard the phrase, “No thanks, I’ll pass” you should consider yourself lucky yet at the same time know that it is coming eventually. However, when it does come your way you should also not become panicked but just brush it off and keep things moving.

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