How To Check Your Adsense Earnings Frequently

Are you one of those people who checks their AdSense earnings every two minutes to see how much they’ve gone up? There’s something highly addictive about AdSense earnings, not only because they mean that you’re earning money while you sleep, cook and eat (or even while you earn more money somewhere else), but also because they are indicative of your site’s success. By looking at your AdSense stats you can find out how many people are viewing your ads and how often they are clicking them and earning you money. This then means that every time you make a minor change to your site – to the color or the layout, you can see the effect it has almost immediately in order to inform your next fine-tuning session.

When you find yourself checking your AdSense every other minute though, that’s when perhaps it has become a little unhealthy and boarding on ‘obsessive’. Of course Google hardly mind if you become obsessed with one of their products and that’s why they’ve now introduced the ‘AdSense Publisher Toolbar’. Read on for more.

AdSense Publisher Toolbar

Earning money with adsense

Earning money with adsense

The AdSense Publisher Toolbar does what you would expect it to. It puts a little logo in the top of your Chrome browser next the spanner that gives you a quick popup when you click it displaying your Adsense revenue and other stats. This saves you signing into your Google account or even navigating to the page and means that you have it right there on demand. That’s if you have Chrome as your main browser of course, which is another small example of Google’s slightly ‘monopoly-esque’ trend of integrating all of its various services. Yes, in order to better satisfy your AdSense cravings you’ll need to change to Chrome if you haven’t already which might be a little bit too much of a commitment for people who are in love with either Firefox or Internet Explorer (really?).

So if you do decide to make the move what will the new toolbar show you? The answer is pretty much the basics without graphs, but enough to give you an ‘update’ more than an ‘overview’. This includes:

  • An account earnings summary for today, yesterday, this month and last month
  • The top 5 custom channels
  • The top 5 URL channels
  • Your lifetime revenue (this one might warrant some happy staring for some)

Then of course you also have your handy-dandy link to the AdSense page where you can check the rest of your stats and make Google happy by spending more time on their sites.

All this is fairly smart in terms of marketing for Google managing to promote both AdSense and Chrome (as long as it doesn’t get too much criticism), and it’s a good way for people who love counting their money to do so continuously. The only drawback is that it’s currently only available on Chrome (not a problem for some people), and that it might mean you have nosy guests and co-residents looking at your finances if you don’t have the right security measures in place. That and it will lead to even more obsessive earnings-checking…

Darn, still not clicks…

You can find the Google Adsense Publisher toolbar for Chrome here:



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