Internal linking to add SEO weight

Internal linking to add SEO weight

Good SEO starts with good linking tactiques. And good linking tactiques starts with internal linking.
A first way to show to your visitors, and to Google what is important to you, and how your website is built, is by using good internal linking.

Here are some internal linking tips:

Use spiderable navigation. Either use text based navigation (only text between your anchor tags), or if you use image based navigation, make sure you add well defined alt attributes attached to each image link. Best is if you use relevant keywords in your linktext or alt attributes.

Breadcrumbs (the home>>articles>>health>>articleabouthealth type of things you see on the top of some webpages) are a great internal linking tool. They can be used for both usability and anchor text differentiation.

In-content links are simply great. Not only do they tend to have a higher click through rate and perceived trust, but they also add more relevance to a link because of the textaround it. And not only your regular visitor will see it that way, Google also does!

Create a sitemap-page. A good sitemap is useful for your cherised visitors, useful for Google and other search engines and thus useful for you. Besides the sitemap-page, you should also create an XML-sitemap, which you can submit to the search engines. However, this is not about internal linking, and thus will be covered in a future post.

Link to other relevant pages on your website, preferrably important pages (with high PR, or good keyword density). Link to important pages on every (or at least most) topically relevant page of your website.

Use your links consistently, always use the same type of url to link to, for instance, if you use in your links, then stick to that. Do not use other types that land on the same page, such as, or or

Find the pages on your website to which most links come in from outside your website (you can use Google or Yahoo! for that), and create links from your other pages towards those pages, in an optimised manner.

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