Bloggers who are just starting to blog always wonder is there an easy way for them to get their blog out on the web and to attain a high amount of traffic. Most of them do not blog full time and they do not have the time to put into social media, guest blogging and other methods. This leads them to turning to paid traffic yet is this really a good solution to beginner bloggers?


When you make the decision of turning to paid traffic to boost your websites traffic stats you should know that you are going to be receiving a lot of spam. If you do not have a good spam detector than getting through a used to be an easy task of sorting through the comments can turn into dreadful hours of wondering whether or not you have some real comments. Also, even once your paid traffic session is over you will find that the spam will continue to pile in even though it will not be as heavy as to when the paid traffic session was taking place.



Google AdSense Account Being Banned

Some traffic providers are upfront with you and let you know that their traffic is not AdSense safe. However, there are others – usually freelancers – who will tell you that their traffic is safe when it really is not because they are trying to make a quick buck and hope you do not notice. However, this is one of the risks that you take to get what you think you will accomplish by doing this. Obviously, you will be able to appeal Google’s decision but once you are banned usually that it not something that can be lifted.

No Real Audience

When people buy traffic they are usually focused on the number of hits their blog gets. However, they are unconcerned with which of their viewers are actually interested in what they have to say. Obviously, some real viewers are going to become interested in the blog. But, this will only be a small portion so your blog still will not be considered as engaging because no conversations will be taking place.

Higher Bounce Rate

When you are receiving paid traffic you will find that your bounce rate will be extremely high which means you still, technically, have no traffic coming to your blog. A high bounce rate also means that your viewers are paying no interest in the services or products that you are offering. Instead they are just clicking onto your website because it is something that they are being paid to do.

Overall, paid traffic is a waste of money. By spending money on it you will not be increasing your profits or making yourself more established. In the end all you will have done is wasted money.

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