Get some great hints and tips to keep printed photos looking great for the maximum amount of time!

We love physical photos, even in the days of digital photography and better and better screens. Most of us want to print out our most prized photos to keep and remind us of fond memories. There’s nothing it seems quite like a freshly printed photo.

Photography Tips - Keeping printed photos at their best

Photography Tips – Keeping printed photos at their best

Unfortunately printer ink has a tendency to end up wearing a little after time and can often look worse for wear after just a short period. This can take away from the value of the photo and limit the amount of enjoyment you receive from the photo in time. So, how do you prolong the lifespan of those photos and ensure they look better for longer. We have a number of tips to ensure your prints are taken care of and look all the better for it.

Dye Sublimation

Choosing the right printer is the best way to ensure that your photo prints look better for longer. Dye sublimation printers are the best sorts of printers for photographic images and they will ensure that your images are more likely to stand the test of time.

These printers manage to fuse the colour of the ink together on the paper and use a number of layers of dye to ensure the longevity. This also has a number of benefits as it makes the ink immune to both dirt and also to water so it will not run. These printers do cost a little more but they really are ideal for those who love their photos.

Inkjet printers also have their benefits and are a good option and are also affordable. These printers can create great looking prints too and if you choose the correct paper then you will be sure there are few worries with wear and tear and fading. Inkjet printers come in quite good specs and at relatively low prices. Just be aware of the cost of the ink and check out the price, because the difference in price between manufacturers can be significant.

Copyright: Bjorn Beheydt

Copyright: Bjorn Beheydt

Keep Them Safe

The quality of the print will also be affected by how you keep the printer and what the after care of your images is like.  Getting these right can ensure that your images stay in good condition.

Keeping prints in direct sunlight or in a damp part of the house will only end in problems for your print. Images should be kept out of high light and in a temperate and dry area. This will ensure they last the test of time. Ensuring they are guarded from dust and kept in a storage box is also a good way to prolong the photographic images.

Good paper is also very important, so ensure that you use the recommended paper for the printer and the prints you are making as this will also enhance the longevity and determine the long term quality of your image.

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