What you should know about Pinterest and how it can be useful in your internet marketing strategy

Most of the people today don’t really know about a relatively new social media site who is gaining tons of attention of females recently. Most of the girls that used Pinterest for the first time recently have become absolutely addicted to the site and Pinterest is also reported to be one of the fastest rising social media sites today.

The Pinterest is unique in variety of ways, most importantly, on Pinterest people communicate through images that are vibrant and can go viral depending on their quality. Creators of Pinterest have claimed it to be a virtual Pinboard which has the ability to allow you to organize (just like social bookmarking) anything from the web and share it with your buddies. In simple words, it provides you with a pin board on which you can paste anything that your find on other pinboards of your friends. You can paste almost anything and everything on your pinboard. In old age people use to cut the newspaper parts and save them into a personal diary as a memory. This social sharing system works just like that but on the web.

After signing up at Pinterest, user is able to create a customized and personalized board according to their likings and interests. Users can search for what other people have pinned and re-pin them on their own board. Pinterest also allows user to share their pins on Facebook and twitter to share with everyone they know. Each image that is pinned to a particular board has a website link to it as well, which allows Pinterest to drive insane amount of traffic to any website with interesting and updated content.


When someone joins this social medium for the first time, they are kind of hooked up and they tend to spend more and more time to collect the images and links that are relevant to their interests. Pinterest has the potential of driving great amount of traffic to sites that are in niches like: recipes, decoration, paintings, photography, travelling, and funny pictures etc. These niches are getting overwhelming amount of traffic through Pinterest and if you are not using it in your social media campaign than you are certainly losing money on the table. It does not mean that other niches cannot be worked on through it, I have promoted almost every niche through the network and have been successful in driving quality traffic.

I highly advise you to make Pinterest fit in your brand strategy as it does seem to have great potential.

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