Be passionate about blogging, and be passionate about the subject you are blogging about. People want authenticity, they want ‘reality’, ‘real life Internet’, not someone blogging about mesothelioma, because that is the highest paying adsense keyword. You have to have feeling for your subject. You have to experience it. You have to be passionate about it. If not, people will see you through, and will avoid your blog, or even talk bad about it. And remember, one angry voice sounds harder and clearer then a thousand happy voices.

For the reader

Write for your readers, or write for yourself, but don’t write for the search engines, for adsense, or for your other advertisers and sponsors. Writing for search engines will result in articles that are really a pain to read. No one likes to read an article that has ‘search engine optimization company Florida’ five times in the first two sentences. Nor do most people like it if mention certain products or websites waaaaaay too often, or always in a waaaaaay too positive manner. It will cost you plenty of readers. Whereas, if you write for your readers, people will like your blog, and come visit it more often, tell other people about it, pit links online and so on. And eventually, your blog will be picked up by google, and will get a higher rating. Why? Because google knows what I’m talking about,and tries to give their visitors what they want.

Be real, be true

No need to try being someone your not, it is already hard enough to be yourself. That doesn’t mean however that you cannot use an alterego online, that can show interests you cannot show in the real world. But it does mean that you need to be real, it needs to be you who’s blogging. If you try not to show your real character, and your real personality, your readers will notice, and will leave your blog. Don’t be afraid to show the real you, your readers will connect with you more, and be more loyal to you.

These are some blogging tips that are different then the typical standard ‘get more links’ kinda posts, but I believe that they do work. Feel free to share your ideas about them!

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