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WordPress has been in existence for about 15 years, and it is taking the lead as the best and favourite blogging software among many users. Over the past few years, WordPress has also joined other software as the preferred content management system to be used for both blogging and non-blogging sites.


It has evolved from being just a website creator for bloggers into being a versatile content management system for commerce websites. Although people can still use it merely to create blogs, its diversification has made it great and has caused it to gain popularity.


Why should you switch to WordPress? Why is it the ideal platform for all types of websites?


  • It is easy to use

This is the most crucial benefit. Its easy-to-use features have attracted millions of users because even individuals with little technical knowledge can use it comfortably. WordPress aims at making the creation of sites easy. It allows users to choose themes and start uploading their content quickly.


  • It has a simple interface for customizing web sites

WordPress custom made drag-and-drop commands are easy and straightforward to use. Once online, it is also easy to automate the system by setting the time to auto-post your blogs. This saves your time as you do not have to keep logging in to add your posts manually. However, if you wish to customize your website and add a little bit of a personal touch, you can do so using WordPress. This may require the user to have adequate knowledge of coding languages, but it is pretty cheap to hire a web designer.


50 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about WordPress

50 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about WordPress

  • You can access it from anywhere!

With WordPress, it is possible to edit blogs and other contents from anywhere. You can log in from any place without your computer, and then access your website with ease. For example, you can write articles for your blog using your phone if you are away from your desktop and laptop, and update it later from your home.


Online presence is vital for any business since today almost everything is carried out online. Your presence represents your brand, and therefore you want it to be the best. If you’re going to create a new website or you wish to revamp your existing site, consider trying WordPress and its user-friendly features.


  • Mobile responsive

Today, 9 out of 10 people own or have access to a smartphone. This means that over 90% of them spend up to three hours a week browsing the internet through smartphones. With WordPress, it is easy to create a mobile responsive website which will fit easily on a mobile phone interface, compared to the annoying websites where you have to keep on dragging the page in all directions to view an item.


A majority of the WordPress themes are mobile responsive. This makes it possible for mobile phone users to view sites clearly and read whatever information they wish to get from the website.


  • WordPress is versatile

To stand out from hundreds of other businesses, you must have a unique website which is flexible and adaptable to changing trends. WordPress has made all this possible with its numerous and eye-catching themes. These themes are both free and premium depending on which ones you choose to apply for your brand.


This allows you to design your business site into an eye-catching one before sharing it with the world. These themes can showcase images, products, services, and other features depending on the nature of the site. Some themes can be used for magazines while others can be applied to other things such as for composing online CV to make it look better.


You can choose themes that can change the layout of your website. It also allows developers to create plugins which are meant to ensure that you are following the expected SEO strategies. It also makes it easy to tweet your posts and customize your contact details.


  • It has incredible speeds

WordPress websites are one of the fastest web interfaces, provided you have some good WordPress hosting. By customizing the CSS of the site, the elements and features slowing down website’s speed could be completely fixed.


  • It allows multiple users

WordPress allows you to create different accounts for your business at different levels of administrative access, as this helps to make work easier. You can compare this to hiring a writer, for example, who will be writing blogs for you.


You can give the writer access to your WordPress, but she will not have access to the whole of it. The writer will only be able to access few features, like changing the theme or layout of the site or posting her articles. It is excellent, especially for big companies, as it allows them to give some of their employees’ access to several sections of its business website.


  • It’s cheap

WordPress is free! You can use it at no cost unless you want to use the premium features which come at a low price. Moreover, it helps you save money since you do not have to hire a web designer as you can do most of the things by yourself.


The ability of WordPress to meet the demands of thousands of users with its flexible framework and user-generated extensions, which allow both developers and users to create and modify the layouts, has made it the most popular CMS in the world.

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