Using Facebook or Twitter for marketing is something that everyone is talking about, mainly due to the number of users these sites have, combined with people talking about them on television. Facebook is an internet site that once you begin to use it, ideas about how to integrate it with your business do come to mind.

Not every business is suitable for marketing by Facebook or social media. It must be a business that chimes well with social activities, such as a nightclub or restaurant.  The key to successful use of Twitter by a company or an individual associated with the company is to already have a list of current customers who will begin to spread the word.

Twitter is mainly designed for use with mobile cell phones and limits the user to 140 characters of text. This is very short and allows only for the most brief of messages. In addition, people must subscribe to your Twitter messages before receiving them. Both of these limitations act together to make Twitter something that cannot be easily used by business for marketing. This type of messaging is suitable for someone in a leadership position or someone with celebrity status, either of which has a group of followers who are interested in the person’s latest news. Short messages to people from a business means product updates for current products or the release of new products.

The lion’s share of people interested in reading this type of information is those who have already purchased products in the past. For this reason, to use Twitter effectively, a company must take their existing customer list and let everyone know how to subscribe to their Twitter messages. It could also be communicated that the latest most important news will first be released with Twitter before it is published on a company blog or website. This will give loyal customers strong motivation to subscribe.

At this point a Twitter account can be used for free and therefore offers low cost advertising for new or improved products. In this capacity it is a tool used in similar fashion to a press release. This combined with the fact it is still considered a trendy method of communication with customers you can have a brand new public relations tool for your marketing department to begin spreading the word.  Over time, the number of followers will grow, and the reach of your company announcements will grow.

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