You cannot get by telling people only about the bad stuff, so, I don’t only tell people about Google and Adsense Scams, but I try to tell them also that Adsense DOES work, and give loads of tips and tricks to increase your adsense earnings and to get more links and traffic to your website.

And these posts are warmly welcomed it seems. However, fairly recently, I started to get alot of mails saying “yeah, ok, these Google Adsense Scams suck, and you tell me that Adsense on its own works well, and you even give apparently great tips to improve your Adsense earnings, but… How on earth do I even start earning with Adsense? Do I need a website? Do I need an account somewhere? Please help me step by step from the beginning!”

Now… what we could do here, is hit the delete-button, sighing “oh my whoever”, and go on surfing the net for other more or less welcome brainless timewaster-websites. Or, we can think about it, and acknowledge that at one time in the history of mankind, we ourselves were non-connaiseurs of the whole Adsense system. And we can then write a blogpost with step by step information for the newbies!

I decided to do the first!

And after I got bored with the beauty of mankind, I decided to skip to the latter, and write that info for you! Yes, that is for you, who came here on this blog in search of info on how to start earning your first pennies (yes, it won’t be much more than that in the beginning), with Google’s Adsense.

So, how do you get started earning with Adsense?

The short version (credit to Mr. I for his words of wisdom in the comments section of Google Scams):

1. Get a free website/blog.
2. Its very easy to set up blog and after that, you need to write (regularly) about anything you like.
3. Go to and log in with Google(GMail) account. Submit your blog(after writing some good articles on blog).
4. Once accepted, you can add ads to Blog from Layout –> Add Element –>AdSense.

Earn Money with Adsense
The long version:

1. Get yourself a website. You can get a free website/blog at, or various others (do check if they allow for Adsense to be published by users! Apparently doesn’t allow that). If you are serious about this whole earning money with your website thing, than invest a small amount of money, and buy a domainname and a small hostingpackage ( is quite good and cheap for this). Make sure you can install wordpress on your webspace (php and mysql needed). Many webhosts offer WordPress in their webhostingpackage already, ask them to find out. Regarding the domainname, try to have the keywords in the domainname for the subject your website/blog will be about.

2. Start writing articles for your blog. Make sure they have valuable content, and they are unique. Don’t just blindly copy content from other websites, you will not catch too many readers with it, and Google doesn’t like it either. Best thing is to blog about your own experience and knowledge. Therefor the easiest thing is to blog about something you like doing, or you are a fan of, or simply know alot about.

3. Once you’ve written a busload of articles, go to, and register for an account.

4. When you are accepted for Adsense, you can put Adsense ads on your blog. If you are using blogger, follow the steps from the short version above. If you are using WordPress, there are numerous plugins that can help you putting adsense on your blog, Adsense Manager being only one of them.

5. Don’t stop putting new high quality content on your blog, earning via adsense is not the same as being lazy, you need to constantly update your websites, or you will see a decrease in earning eventually.

6. Get out on the internet, and start gathering a whole, but I mean a whole lot of links, pointing to your blog. Make sure they point to your mainpage, as well as to individual posts (which is called deeplinking).

7. Try to get as much visitors to your website as you can, do this in any imageinable (but legal, and according to Google’s laws) way you can, even by putting a sticker with your URL on your car or on your forehead!

8. Read Adsense is math to fully understand why visitors are important, and how you can increase your earnings, and measure your adsense-details.

9. Create additional blogs with Adsense (once your account is approved, you can put Adsense on any website you own, as long as it is Adsense TOS compliant).

10. Link to this post from everywhere you can 😉

Ok, I admit, that last one is not completely right, but I wanted to make it a nice round number 🙂
Feel free to add or ask in the comments!

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