This post is a followup to the Google Web Cache, Google User Content post.
Most probably, when you are an Adsense user, you’ve already got the well known message:

The previous post was about this message appearing, and the non-authorized site being However, if you have alot of Facebook traffic on your website, you will come across sooner or later.

So, what is And most important: should you authorize it? Or not?
Whenever you or someone else post a link on Facebook, they add a preview of that page to the link. These are static pages for them, as they most probably cache them, and show them inside their Facebook framework when needed. This means, that people are viewing your page, through Facebook. So, should you add to your authorize list on Adsense? Yes, I think it is best to add them, since they show your ads on your page, and people can click on the ads, earning you extra money.

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