About a month ago, I posted about Google Sync that went in beta, and which offers a convenient and cheap (yes, still as in free) way to sync your iPhone calendar with your Google Calendar

In that post, I mentioned that you could only sync up to 5 calendars so far, which is still correct at this moment. However, being a multiple (yes, even more then 5) Google Calendar user, I found that my iPhone was only syncing to one of my Google Calendars, being the standard one. I’ve been fiddling with the “share” functionality of the Google Calendars, been twisting them around like a… well, a twister, to change their order, hoping that this would change the syncing behavior, but all to no avail. My iPhone would NOT sync with any of my extra calendars.

Being near desperation, I tried quitting drinking, taking up running again, and losing 25 pounds, all of which succeeded, but none of them helped me to sync my Google Calendars to my iPhone… (who would’ve thought, right??? 😉 )

And finally, being totally desperate, I decided to give Google Search a try… And after reading something of, yes, indeed, that much help-pages and blogposts about these and other subjects (there is incredibly little information about iPhones and Google Calendar on the most common pornpages I noticed!), I discovered something…

Did you know about http://m.google.com/sync ?

Apparently, THIS is the page where, if accessed via your mobile device, you can set up your syncing preferences…

Why this is not mentioned in the Google-sync-help-pages? No idea… Maybe they just want you to quit drinking and loose weight first?

But then… The next problem came up: Your device is not compatible with Google Sync. (Note: this message came up in Dutch, which is my native language (or Flemmish really, but that is quite another discussion 😉 , and will come up in other non-english languages too).

After reading again, yes, approximately that many help-pages and blog-post (yeah, I admit, I searched on some of the same pages as before, your guess which ones I mean 😉 ), I discovered that this was due to the language settings. Setting the language of http://m.google.com/sync solved this for me (there is a link for this at the bottom of that page) solved the problem, and I was perfectly able to choose which Google Calendars I want to have synced.

Cheers, from a now happily syncing Bjorn, sitting on a desk. The body is here, but my mind is in Jamaica!

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