Launch of Google TV

There has been quite a buzz about Google’s latest baby which they call Google TV. It does sound very promising doesn’t it? However, to people who are not familiar with Internet TV, there may be some confusion if not a whole of trepidation that may prevent them from making use of this wonderful invention.

Here is a quick rundown on the technology behind Google TV so that you may gain better understanding of it and you may in turn use it. There is no need to be afraid of new technology and all you need to do is read up about it and you will be fine.

Google TV

Google TV

So just what is Google TV? It is in fact a software platform, quite simply just that. You may know about how this thing called Nexus One is a certain piece of hardware that was made by HTC and runs Android right? Well, it is also a piece by Google and that is how Google TV will work. At its core, the Google TV is just a platform or a software. The hardware makers then just need to be able to step up and use it on their machinery.

Then that said, it is a software that will need to be supported by some players that you may be familiar with. Players like Logitech, Sony and other companies like that. As of the moment, there are sort of three places that you can see Google TV in; through a set top box made by Logitech, some Sony TV sets and one up and coming DISH box. These three share some things in common that make it possible for them to run Google TV.  They have an ATOM processor (or one better), a discrete GPU, HDMi out port, IR, bluetooth and the like. They also have Wi-Fi capabilities and Ethernet and all the while being able to support keyboards and other pointing devices as well as the more traditional remote controls.

Another thing about this software is that it will work with the cable or satellite box that you may already have at home. Since it comes with an IR blaster to help you change channels, this Google TV can also be made to sit on top of the structure that you already have in your home. This is very good news because this means that while they are still coming up with new hardware, it means that it is also compatible with whatever it is that you are using now.

This also works just like that Google search because when you start up any Google TV device, you will see a very simple search bar where you type in what you want to watch so that you do not have to go through a hundred channels just looking for something that you want to see. This is indeed very smart technology that will completely change the way people watch television. It has just managed to make one invention that was already perfect even better, and you can bet that with this more interactive style of watching TV, there will be plenty more developments that will come with it.



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