Find out some of the best iphone wedding apps that exist

Weddings are regarded as very important milestones in most
cultures and societies around world. With a lifetime of dreaming and anticipating, the actual planning of the “perfect wedding” can be overwhelming, and there aren’t many successful ones that went down without great effort on behalf of everyone involved.

Getting married in this era of technological bliss, can be a totally different game all together. Technology is here to serve us as much as earlier crude tools did our ancestors, easing their lives. With an app for just about everything you can think of, including weddings, there is no need to stress.

iphone wedding apps

iphone wedding apps

Now you can tie the knot with your iPhone, planning and organizing the perfect wedding, without breaking a sweat. Not really but it does make things a lot easier.
Here is a list of the best wedding apps that will assist you in planning for the big day, I would have said good luck but you will need one of these apps listed below to really be lucky.

Wedding Countdown. (Click title to download app)
This app is a must have in your wedding preparation arsenal. It helps you create never-to-be-forgotten countdowns of those special moments, leading up to the wedding. This app also gives you the opportunity to stay connected with, friends, family and the whole world, through social media, getting them involved and posted with every step leading to the aisle. Now an amazing feature for posterity, this app, once the date of your wedding is punched in, will countdown to every anniversary, ensuring that you never forget to celebrate, reminisce and gather colorful memories.

Tying the knot under the rays of the sun - Wedding Photography

Tying the knot under the rays of the sun – Wedding Photography

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner App. (Click title to download app)
This app is just what you need to virtually plan every detail of your wedding. Built with features that allow you track the progress of your seemingly endless errands, with a task checklist, and a guest list management .Giving you a birds view of everything, including tracking your budget and providing you with wedding inspirations, this app helps you plan to the point exactly, leaving nothing unchecked.

Tiffany & Co, Engagement Ring Finder. (Click title to download app)
Most women take the planning of their wedding very personally and so like to stay on top of things, including the ring. This app has become a favorite of many, because not only does it show you rings in motion, but with you wearing them,(for people with adaptable skin tones). This app has got a wide collection of diamond rings, to keep you mesmerized for days, and if they are beyond your budget, not to worry because that maybe exactly what you needed to get you, skimming through the collection, till you find a ring that speaks and suits you in more ways than one, including you budget.

MyPantone Wedding & Events. (Click title to download app)
This app was created for those people with colorful eyes, and as such will help keep in check, your wedding color palette. For $4. 99 this app provides you with literally thousands of inspiring pictures and several pantone selections, that you can put together in your own customized wedding style board. You can also add your own photos. You never can tell the hour inspiration will strike, however this app makes it accessible every time.

Wedding Budget Calculator. (Click title to download app)
The budget is very important in planning for your wedding, and so is keeping within its limits. With this app you can track all of your wedding expenditures with ease, so you will never be in a position where you went over your intended budget. This detailed budgeting app will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Tying the knot with your iPhone, can be fun if you use only the best wedding apps available on the market to help you plan and organize for the big day.

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