Always know the right time:
Should your computerclock ever fail, or you doubt that it is correct, Google is there to help you! Just type “What time is it”, and you get the current local time of wherever you are!


Always know the right words and their meaning:
Did you know you can also use Google as an online dictionary? When you type “define:word”, then the search engine will show you results and definitions from different websites for this word.


Always know the exact outcome of a calculation:
Use Google as a calculator

10 dollars in euro

seconds in a year

19 in binary


Always find alternatives for well known software:
Tired of Windows Media Player? Try some alternatives. Type “Better than Windows Media Player”, and you will get a list of nice alternatives.


Always find back blocked or deleted websites:
If a website is not available for some reason, Google will make sure you can still look at the latest version of that site.

Example: cache:

Always find what you need, even when you use the wrong word:
Are you looking for great food? Then try searching for different keywords at the same time, by using a tiled (~).

Example: ~food

Google now will not only search for food, but also for eat, eating, meal, dinner, lunch, …


Always find the pictures you need:
Are you looking for pictures of Paris Hilton, but don’t want to see hundreds of ppictures of the hotel in the French capital? Then refine your search and use “Paris Hilton imgtype=face”.
I have not tested yet if it also works with other bodyparts, but if you tested it, please let me know the result 😉


Google Mars :
Google goes beyond the moon! After Google has indexed the moon (, they now also visualize the planet Mars:

Google running tracker
Trying to get rid of the tummy? Losing some weight? Start a running team, and enter your route in Google Running Tracker. Other users can then also run your route, and the other way round!

Google Flight Simulator
After looking over the earth, you can now also fly above the earth! Using the latest offline version of Google Earth for Windows, you can trigger an Easter Egg by using the keyboard combination Ctrl-Alt-A. Doing this you can choose between an F16, and an oldtimer airplane to fly around the earth…


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