The iPhone series from Apple, or the flagships of the main Android phone brands are some of the most technologically advanced phones right now at the planet. With each new interation of iOS or Android, they become smore powerful than ever and capable of executing programs at a much faster speed. One spot where the high power core has hit is the battery life. Modern smartphones are just guzzling power even in sleep or locked mode and thanks to cloud sync and other features, they just can’t last long enough for a considerable time. At this point you must make some changes in your phone to make sure that your battery lasts for a longer time especially if you are going out for a trip. Some tips to boost your smartphone’s battery life are listed in this YouTube video, or described for you to read below!

1. Adjust Screen Brightness

Needless to say, the more the screen brightness, the more energy it will consume. Hence it is best to set the phone to Auto brightness or even better keep it at a low level. This will save a considerable amount of power.

2. Turn Off Wi-Fi And Bluetooth

If not in use, it is best to turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Using these features consume lot of battery and make sure to turn off every time you are done with it.

3. Disable Notifications

Disable notifications of application except which are necessary.

4. Turn The Location Services Off

If you are in a well familiar place, then you don’t need the location services like giving you driving directions. In such case, it is better to switch off the location services and save some power.

5. Turn Off Push Emails

Push emails consume lot of data as well as battery life. So turn off the push email notifications and check your emails manually.

6. Update Software

Regularly update your software version as Apple and Google (Android) are constantly trying to provide tweaks to save more battery.

7. Check Signal Indicator

Using your phone in a low signal area can lead to more power consumption. Try to avoid such places where signal is weak or at least don’t make calls from low signal areas. Not only they will drain your battery, but the phone will emit more radiation which can be harmful to you in the long run.

8. Use Your Phone Regularly

Keeping your phone unused for a long period of time can seriously hamper the battery life. Instead try to use it frequently and if you are not using it for some time, then lend it to a friend or family.

9. Disable iCloud Synching

The latest Smartphones come with Cloud synching of some (or more) kind, which can provide you real time backups but can be quite power consuming. Switch off the Cloud sync and turn it on manually when you want to use it.

10. Set Autolock

Set the autolock to a shorter time. Like- 1 minute or less. Reducing autolock time will turn off the screen much quicker and hence save battery.

Following these tips can increase your battery life quite considerably and save you battery for the emergency call.

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