How In The World Did They Do It?

AdSense is an advertising application run by Google that collected US$2.34 billion in the first quarter of 2011 alone. Anyone (as long as they register) can use this program to get relevant and paying advertisers for their websites, hence more income. Here’s the not-too-shabby list of the top AdSense earners:


earning money with adsense

earning money with adsense

5) Kato Leonard & David Miles Jr. – – $100,000 Adsense revenue per month
They are almost anonymous, but according to various reliable sources (i.e. Washington Post), they are making $100k a month from this site alone. How? They offer free MySpace templates, ever heard of THAT website?


4) Jason Calacanis – Weblogs, Inc. – $120,000 Adsense revenue per month
American Internet entrepreneur and blogger. He was a big part of the dot-com era in New York, and Weblogs is his 2nd venture. Basically, Weblogs, Inc. allows other people to network with blogging. Although this site was acquired by AOL in 2008, he still gets a whopping payday.


3) Jeremy Schoemaker – – $130,000 Adsense revenue per month
A little different from the rest on this list, he gets his money from hundreds of sites and thousands of domains.  Presently, he’s establishing Affiliate marketing, and many other income generating residual sites.


2) Kevin Rose – – $250,000 Adsense revenue per month
Even though Rose has resigned from this site he co-founded, look at that royalty. How does work? Posts submitted are “reviewed” by other users; if they like it, they will “Digg it” (get it?), improving the ranking of the post. With enough “Diggs”, it will appear on the main page. With 7.2 million monthly users, imagine the exposure!


1) Markus Frind – – $300,000 Adsense revenue per month
If you have not heard of this dating site, then you’ve probably been married for a while. This is only one of the largest online dating websites in the world. The only negative is PlentyofFish online dating currently only accepts users from the UK, America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. Other than that, well, here are a few figures:


Registered users: 17,000,000
Dating site ranking in the UK: 1
Dating site ranking in Canada: 1
U.S. overall site ranking: 82
Number of page views a month: 2.4 Billion – Read this again!!!


The main page is not a “look-at-me” display, but the purpose and reason for the site is clear: Dating, dating, and more dating!


Here’s what Frind did on his “free” time last summer (his words):
He and his girlfriend used most of last summer sunbathing on the French Riviera. He would spend a minute or two every night to make sure the website is still up, and then go return to sipping expensive wine. Last year, they de-stressed for 2 weeks in Mexico in a yacht, with a personal captain, and four of his gf’s friends. “Me and five girls,” he says. “Rough life.”

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