If you just use WordPress for basic blogging, you probably haven’t even thought about looking into WordPress tutorials. WordPress is designed to be easy to use and highly accessible to a wide variety of bloggers and webmasters. However, there are also a number of plugins, themes, and widgets available to WordPress users that allow for a great deal of customization. Once you start taking advantage of the extras on WordPress, you may feel like you’re in over your head. Being an intermediate or advanced WordPress user often requires effort, research, and some background knowledge of things like CSS and PHP. Using WordPress is as easy or complex as you want it to be. If you’re interested in going beyond the basics in WordPress, here are a few tutorial and educational sites you can check out:

1. WordPress Codex– No one knows more about WordPress than the makers of WordPress. This tutorial site is run by the people who created the popular content management system, and it covers all the bases in terms of design, theme development, plugins, and website management.

2. WordPress.tv– This is another site run by the makers of WordPress. It provides a few comprehensive tutorials on using widgets and installing and using select plugins. There are a lot of videos on WordPress.tv, and many of them aren’t tutorials. So, you’re going to have to search for tutorial videos by topic to unearth them.

3. Nettuts+ WordPress Tutorials– Offering pages and pages of WordPress tutorials, there’s a lot to be learned about WordPress customization from Nettuts+. Don’t miss this site’s tutorials on creating a theme from scratch, plugin development, and securing your WordPress.

4. WPBeginner Tutorials– WPBeginner is a well-respected WordPress resource site, and its large collection of tutorials doesn’t disappoint. WPBeginner fills you in on how to integrate social media in WordPress, install Google Analytics, remove dashboard widgets, and much, much more. This site also includes tips about things like affiliate linking and giveaways to help you increase traffic to your site and monetize your blog.

Tired of feeling like you don’t have any control over WordPress? Customization is within your reach but only if you’re open to learning new skills and researching all the different things you can do with WordPress. Use the tutorial sites above as your guide and enjoy all the power you truly have as a WordPress user!


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