22 of may, I know, I’m 22 days late with my “Best of” post. Unfortunately, I’ve had some health issues, keeping me a away from computers and other screenish things.

But now I’m back! In full force! So here they are, the best pictures of April 2018.

Top photograph in April on Instagram And 500px

This one really did it in April on Instagram, and on 500px! It doesn’t really happen too often, but once in a while, the most appreciated photo is the same on Instagram and 500px, and in April, it happened again 🙂

A little more about this picture.

As are a lot of my landscape photography, it was taken while being on the road. Same thing here, on my way to the railway station, early morning, and I saw the sun rising over the fields. So I stopped the car, and found me a great spot for a quick photo opportunity!

What made it a bit special here, for me at least, is the camera I used. Again, I didn’t have all my gear with me. No Fujifilm, no Canon camera’s. I didn’t even carry my GoPro. So, pop out the trusty old… wait, no, not this time. The trusty old iPhone 6 found itself a new owner in our house. After 3,5 years of heavy use, we decided that the trusty iPhone 6 deserved to go on retirement, and was replaced by an iPhone 8+. Why the iPhone 8+? Since I take several thousand photos per year with just my iPhone, and many (if not most) are put up for sale on stock photography agencies, the camera upgrade of the plus version is worth it.

So, what do you think? Is the camera of the iPhone 8 Plus worth it? This picture is taken with Procamera on the iPhone 8 Plus, and the postprocessing consists of only a small nudge on the saturation levels.

Do share your thoughts!

Countryside sunrise  by Bjorn Beheydt on 500px.com

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