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Brussels, it’s a city I both love and hate… But let’s focus on the love part here! For my webdevelopment job, I need to be in Brussels several days a week. And I am lucky there, in that it is in the old center of the city that I need to be. This gives me plenty of nice areas to walk, and to take pictures (which I do way too little there).
When I arrive in Brussels, it is mostly still quite early in the morning, and that means, for a large part of the year, still dark, or around the dawn of the day. This was one of those dawn moments. I saw the nearly empty street, the lights, the sky, and took out my Fujifilm X-M1 with the 35 f1.4, which I almost always carry these days. I shot a few angles, and tried a few different exposures, in order to capture the particular mood in the picture.
Unfortunately, I’ve been quite busy lately, and haven’t had the time to look at and edit those pictures yet. Fortunately, I did foresee that, and also took a few shots with my iPhone 6, and of course with ProCamera 🙂 I used the HDR setting, but saved the shot in Black and White. Quite often it feels to me that city street photography works well in Black and White, because it captures the essence of the citylife more. So no postprocessing done here, posted as captured.

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I know it is getting boring, but this picture was taking in our village. Yes, we live in a quiet and peaceful area, with a lot of pretty nice photo-opportunities! This one too was one taken while driving home in the morning, with the sun setting nicely behind the line of trees inbetween the farmfields.
And again, all I had with me that time, was my iPhone 6, so it was also shot with ProCamera, in HDR setting.
Postprocessing is a bit like I postprocess most of my landscape photo’s, a few taps on the plus for saturation, and a little plus on contrast, to deepen the colors, and make the image kick even more.

Idyllic sunrise by Bjorn Beheydt on


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