Top photo in August on Instagram: Colorful sunset

Thanks to the seasons, I can start working on a new set of sunset pictures to post now… The time of year is coming that I will see the most beautiful sunset while on my way home from the railway station in the evening, or when I’m at home.
This is one from a series I shot while I was at home, and noticed some nice colors in the sky. So I headed out with the Fujifilm and my iPhone, and started shooting. Due to a busy schedule, I’m quite behind on processing my Fujifilm pictures, and currently the pictures from that evening are scheduled for the 9th of november. 2031.
But luckily the iPhone pictures are faster to process (yes, I because I can do that anywhere, like, on the toilet or anything). The picture that won on Instagram, and was a close second on 500Px, was shot using Procamera, on the iPhone 8 Plus. Postprocessing was only adding a small bit of saturation, as the colors were already incredibly popping straight out of camera.

Top photograph in August on 500px: Farmfield Sunrise

Thanks to the seasons, I need to start working on my backlog of sunrise pictures to post now… The time of year has passed that I saw the most beautiful sunrises while on my way to the railway station in the morning. This is one of the many pictures I took during one of the many impressively beautiful sunrises I came across this summer.
Due to some practical issues, I wasn’t able to carry my Fujifilm to the office this summer, so many of the pictures of this summer are taken with the iPhone, also known as “The-always-available-camera” 🙂
And so is this one too, it was taken using Procamera, with only a tad of saturation added in post processing. But it was enough to make the 500px crowd like it.

Farmfield sunrise  by Bjorn Beheydt on

Top photo in August on Steemit: Office Reflections

When my train arrives in Brussels in time, I often have a small “window of opportunity” for a short walk of ten minutes or so. What I like to do then, is walk around in the business center of Brussels, looking upwards, to the big office buildings with their tinted and mirroring glass. Not to see what they are hiding, but to see what they are revealing. And sometimes, those are the most beautiful things, that are being thrown at you through a business window…
This picture is one of those pictures that I took, during a walk, looking at these tall glass towers. In this one, not only the reflections, but especially the symmetry attracted me. So I took out my iPhone 8 plus, fired up Procamera, and shot this picture.
Post processing wise, I lightened up some shadows, added some contrast, and upped the saturation a bit. Just a bit, not too much!
The Steem community ( seemed to like it, because it was resteemed, and got upvoted quite a few times, earning me 0,65$. Not a lot, but I’m just starting out there, and it is more than Facebook and Instagram combined.

Office Reflections

Office Reflections

Three different platforms, three different results. Which one is your favorite? I must admit that I cannot choose this time…

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