I can find my own way home, I don’t need no steenkin trackbacks!

Or, perhaps you misunderstood trackbacks? In that case, let me give you a short intro into trackbacks.

When you post an article on your blog, you allow your readers to comment on the post. In fact, you welcome the comments, because they get listed underneath your post, and the more comments you have, the more authority your blog has.
But what if someone reads your blogpost, and doesn’t post a comment on it, but writes a post about it, on his own blog with a link to your original post?
This would give your blog even more credibility and authority. That is, if you would ever found out about it. And this is where trackbacks come into play. A trackback is simply the reader’s bloggingsoftware sending a notification to your bloggingsoftware, telling it that an article has been written which links to your article. Most bloggingsoftware will also list up all trackbacks with a short excerpt from the post underneath the normal comments on your blogpost. This will of course greatly benefit your blog.

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