Twitter is great, but who to follow? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Twitter is great, 140 characters to let the world know how you feel, what you’re doing or where to get off. Admittedly though, we don’t always use those characters eloquently and wisely, or engagingly and wittily. However, here’s a selection of tweeps who do…


Yup, that’s right, the mighty Blue Whale tethered to the ceiling in the Natural History Museum in New York City has a twitter account. Come on, why wouldn’t he?!

Recent Tweet: Starting to see some people carrying jackets lately. From what I’ve heard about fall, I think I might like it.


A daily source of interesting facts and trivia, kind of as you’d expect from the name, but they’re really, really good.

Recent Tweet: On average, it takes five trips to the mall to complete all holiday shopping.


For the music lovers among you, a feed that delivers right to you a new song more or less every day.

Recent Tweet: “Paradise” by @coldplay – In honor of tonight’s @nbcsnl performance


Backed by Nasa @AstroPicOfTheDay delivers to the stargazers of Twitter an image of the universe in all its wonder.

Recent Tweet: Orange Sun Scintillating :


Is your vocabulary leaving you tongue-tied and word-shy? Then follow @TheWordOfTheDay and be speaking like a bard in no time.

Recent Tweet: 14/11 – fatuous – adj: foolish or inane, especially in an unconscious, complacent manner; silly.


Ok, this is fictional, but that really doesn’t detract in the slightest. The passive aggressive feed of those responsible for the Empire’s public relations. Genius.

Recent Tweet: Darth Vader wasn’t named #SexiestManAlive. Is it the asthma? The Jedi murdering? It’s because he wears black, isn’t it? Racists.


The Dark Knight delivers his vigilante style of justice via the micro-blogging service.

Recent Tweet: Are you a Batman or a Batcan’t? That’s right. You heard me.


If there aren’t enough cool things in your Twitter feed, then follow these chaps and by the end of the week you’ll have seven!

Recent Tweet: Today’s Cool Thing: Carbon Fiber Stormtroopers!


Hulk isn’t just angry, he’s also drunk. Typing, as you’d expect from mighty green genetic mutation, in all uppercase, @DrunkHulk offers his take on the world and it isn’t always what you’d expect.



Mr. Stephen Fry, arguably gave Twitter to the world. His wife (fictional, naturally) now gives us her unique view in 140 characters.

Recent Tweet: After 200 metres turn left, then right, then boldly go where no man has gone before’…I knew we shouldn’t have bought this Shatnav

Hopefully a few of these will have you following like crazy and retweeting like the Twitter hero you are.

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