Twitter is a microblog, or a status updating social networking site in which you make friends and follow people, or get followed by people. And when your network grows bigger you can have your voice heard by many people in your friends networks too…
One of the biggest differences between Twitter and the regular social networking sites is that you can follow someone (subscribe to their twits) without them having to approve it, or having to follow you back. This makes that networks can really grow incredibly large, and powerfull.

You blog or tweet with messages of no more than 140 characters. Things to be tweeted (= sending out a twit or tweet (message) on twitter) can be
what you are thinking or doing right now
a new post on your blog that you wrote
a great oneliner or quote from someone
a picture that you took
a ReTweet (RT) from someone else, think of it as a forward in email
promote your website or business

Most asked Twitter questions:
1) Is it free to both or only one party?
2) to what extent do I need a computer?
3) How are the tweets received?
4) Is it web based or does it require a download?
5) How does the Tweeter Tweet to the Tweeted?

The answers to these questions:
1. Free to both parties
2. You can tweet via txt’s on your mobile phone. You will need a computer to subscribe though.
3. Tweets can be received via the twitter website, a twitter client, or via txt on your mobile phone.
4. you can use the webbased version on, or you can download a client, which often has a more functional interface. Tweetdeck being one of the better ones.
5. Tweeters tweet to the tweeted using the @name or via Direct Messages (DM)

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