Having more traffic come to your blog is the surefire way to build community, sell stuff and carry out any goals you have. The trouble is that getting that targeted traffic to your website is not easy if you don’t know what you are doing. Here are 8 ways to get more visitors to your blog so you can kick back and entertain your audience once they arrive.

Make Your Blog Entertaining and Informative

Most of your visitors have probably already read the same old article about your niche saying the same information the same way. Do you want to deliver the same boring message? No, you want to be different. What will make your blog stand out from the competition is to do something they aren’t doing. Lend your voice and humor to your posts.

Be the Solution

Give the best value you know how to give in every post. Include proof and screenshots into your posts, writing great content that walk people through what they need. Articles you can write that give visitors what they need are tutorials, how-to articles and informative posts. Include humor in the mix and you’re all set for attracting visitors and them spreading the word about you and your blog.

Let Everyone Know

Go to popular blogs and make informative comments. Add to the discussion they present in the post. You’ll start to see an influx of traffic from their visitors because of your addition to the conversation. A good way to research top blogs in their niche is to check the website Alltop.com.

Go Forum Hunting

Depending on your niche, you want to seek out forums that you will benefit from making targeted leads. If your niche is in Internet Marketing, copywriting or any other business-to-business service, try Warrior Forum. If your niche is to help people stop smoking, go where those who need your help are at and Google “stop smoking forum” to see what comes up.

Search Engine Optimize

Research keywords in your niche, use them on your pages so the search engines can find you, and list your blog. You want visitors to find your blog so use the right keywords to help them.


Tweet your posts everyday. You can set this up to do this for you using the free service of Hootsuite.

Market Articles

Write in your niche on different article marketing websites. Use top ones that offer good ranking links like Ezine Articles and Go Articles. Link back to your website by linking to it in your bio.

Create Eye Popping Headlines

Grab their attention with a headline. Do this for all of your blog posts. You have to shake your visitors out of their zombie-like state by writing headlines that tell them what they are about to read and make it different.
These 8 ways to get more visitors to your blog satisfy the best ways to get and keep traffic. Once you start having more visitors, you will create a community and keep them coming back just by following these ways.

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