Facebook is primed and ready to break open the social media market. Everyone is on Facebook, but how can you get leads, clicks, and buyers on the social network?

The good news is, the demographics for Facebook and your potential marketing audience are staggering. You need not be a genius to market to 350 milllion subscribers who visit the site often several times a day.

So what ways can you market with Facebook? This guide shows you how, with all free ways for Facebook marketing.


The Online Community and Facebook Marketing

First, the best way to implement Facebook marketing is to create a complete online experience. In order to create a brand, especially online, you need to create a user experience. They need to be entertained, shocked, overjoyed, and curious.

The Profile or Fan Page and Groups

Your profile page and the option to use groups are two dynamic, free Facebook marketing options. After all, you can do a lot with both. The group feature may be the best, as it reminds Facebook users to constantly come back for news and updates. With the profile, you give a first look to your company by new users; they can choose to come  back or never visit again, so make it rewarding with pictures and interesting info about your company. For groups, regular updates and specials on your products and services keep users coming back for more.

Marketplace  for Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketplace is a another free way to engage and sell. While it used to be a place for college students to sell items like games or books, now it’s for smart businesses who offer special deals.


Networks narrow you down to industry, location, and many other ways to get users interested. This too is free, and all too often companies skip this. Many do go on Facebook looking to buy, either in their specific industry or in their neighborhood; with Facebook’s networks, you can sell to them.

Inbox and Email Marketing

The inbox allows an almost quasi email marketing plan to go into effect. You can send out mass emails to contacts, but not everyone you want. You can also send direct messages to anyone on Facebook. For B2B businesses, it’s even more powerful, as you don’t need to send huge masses of emails to sell one product. And for freelancers or contractors, it allows you to show interest in a company who may not be hiring full time employees.

These are just a few ways to market, for free, with Facebook. So what really is Facebook marketing? It’s the social media strategy to market your company, find new customers, and network with former customers.

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