Article marketing, known as bum marketing to some, is one of the most popular and effective forms of marketing online. It is also a great SEO strategy, although not for the most direct and obvious reasons. Internet marketers primarily use article marketing as a way to generate direct attention — links through to their sales websites from their own articles — and to on-sell goods. Your goal as an SEO shouldn’t be to boost sales immediately through your article links (although this is a lucrative side effect), but to use your articles as an impressive and powerful SEO tool to power your online service websites, sales pages and business presences.

What makes article marketing so powerful for SEO? Most article directories command a great deal of search engine respect, both due to their huge number of backlinks and authoritative content and the massive number of inward links that point to them. Simply put, when content is on offer, especially in large amounts, people will very quickly link to it and give it the Google juice that it requires. By using these article directories as the base for your own SEO efforts, you can instantly bypass the initial search engine authority required to boost your ranking.

At the bottom of each article is a resource box. Smart marketers often use it to point to their own sales websites, and to persuade visitors to click through and purchase a product. SEO isn’t as much about psychology as it is about setting, so setting your links as part of a dedicated resource box often leaves you with secondary benefits and options. For example, your first goal may be to generate an SEO link to your website, which a simple article will easily achieve. However, by combining that with your secondary goal — generating direct sales as a result of your article — you can easily combine two sales pipelines with one piece of content.

It is small optimizations like this that make SEO such a powerful tool for achieving online authority and recognition. Article marketing gives online marketers the ability to combine SEO with other marketing channels, leading to increased sales and attention at the same time. This combination of multiple marketing forms means that SEO is a great sideline activity to your other marketing methods. Focus on direct article marketing, by all means, but remember that every direct article is another supercharged SEO point that’s ready to boost your website to the top of the rankings.

So instead of churning out on-site content and expecting it to immediately pay off, invest in off-site SEO and article marketing. By combining your SEO needs with your direct article marketing, you can: reduce your initial risk; drive cash flow and income before your SEO efforts take effect; and create an online presence that’s built with the power of several forms of marketing. Invest in article marketing, use it to supercharge your SEO, and be ready to enjoy the power of your dedicated SEO efforts.

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