Why Your Residential Community Should Have a Blog


Face to face interaction is becoming less and less common these days. Befriending neighbors in your residential community is not like it used to be. Instead of having neighbors over for coffee, people are chatting online. Something that could really bring a residential community together in this age of technology is having a community blog. Such a blog would not only help to bring neighbors together, but it would also serve several other uses for the community as well.


One of the most compelling reasons to start a blog for your residential community is to entice newcomers to your town. A blog that lists useful information about local events might just entice out-of-towners to realize that your city is just what they had in mind for a relaxing getaway. Just think – if someone is interested in playing a round of golf as they pass through Utah, they may do a Google search for “Utah golf community”. A Utah community that has a nice golf course might attract those people thanks to their informational blog. Increasing the number of visitors to your community will bring in more revenue, which will in turn make the blog a wise investment.


The fact of the matter is that a community blog could be a great source of advertising income for the community and an efficient way to stimulate the local economy. Local businesses could be given priority for advertising and they would of course be reaching their target demographic of local residents. These local residents will keep coming back again and again as the blog will hold much useful information for residents of the community.


Local businesses should be given prime advertising space to encourage residents to buy local and therefore increase the local economy. The community blog could then bring in some revenue thanks to the marketing from the local businesses. This money could be put toward school funds and community improvements. Putting good information like good deals and community events will have people coming back again and again.Such a solution would increase community spirit and encourage residents to get involved with community events. Indeed, when it comes to bettering a community both financially and socially, there is no better way than to start a community blog.

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