Write better? Yes, even better then you already do!

Blogging is all about writing, drawing the attention of your readers.  A good article will make your readers come back for more, and link to your articles. A bad article will make you loose readers.

Therefor, some tips for better writing.

1. Keep it simple and clear. Don’t overdo it. A good argument in five sentences will attract more people than a brilliant argument in a hundred sentences.

Write better

2. Prune your sentences. Don’t use to many words, if they can be avoided. Instead of saying “The nice warm sunny weather without a single white or grey cloud against the clear blue sky was really great.”, say “The weather was good.” You may think the extra words may add something. Well, they don’t, unless you are writing literature, and even then…

3. Your first sentence is your attentiongrabber. Make it great, rewrite a zillion times if needed.

4. Write short sentences. Try not to put multiple thoughts in one sentence. Readers aren’t as smart as you’d think (except for you that is of course, I meant the other readers only!).

5. Learn how brains work. Readers understand “the dog caught the ball” easier and faster than “the ball was caught by the dog.” Both means the same, but the human brain can easier imagine the object (the dog) before the action (the catching of the ball).

That’s it… Now, go out, and write an article for your blog, using these five fairly simple tips, link back to this article, and see how your writing has improved 😉

EDIT 24/12/2008:

Thanks to reader Peter, there is a point 6 now:

6. Avoid bad spelling (check point 2.)
“Don’t use to many words” [to=/=too]

I will not correct the error, as this would render Peter’s comment useless, and I think he has a very good point! Bad spelling will not add to your reader’s reading experience, and will pull down your credibility.

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